PlayaPillar Burning Man Photos

We made it to the playa and back! Check out these pictures of the playapillar in action.

We’ve also got photos of the construction process

Thanks to everyone who helped make the Playapillar a success this year. Dozens of people helped with mechanics, sewing, soldering, driving, concept, graphic design, sound setup, lighting, crowd control, driving, on-playa maintenance and playapillar marshaling and we could not have made it without you.

4 Responses to PlayaPillar Burning Man Photos

  1. John (from Vancouver) says:

    Hey, I had an awesome time on the playapiller w/ you guys, you did an awesome job.

    Hope you had a wicked rest of your burn.


  2. heartcookie says:

    hey, where did you guys buy the fabric used for the outside? i am in love with it!

  3. gm-BuS-kid-(209) says:

    Whats up Brendan/Guys, Glad my bus went to a good place with good people.. Looks dope! any interier shots? Would love to see her again sometime. Peace from the Mile High City..

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