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Playapillar Construction Photos

Here are some good shots of the Playapillar construction process: Check out pics of the completed Playapillar

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Bus Frame Renderings

Some quick 3d models of where the ribs can be placed to scale with the doors, hinge and wheel wells.

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The bus moves to NIMBY

We got the bus moved to NIMBY – we had a problem with the radiator fan and nearly overheating on the hills, but it worked. Now that its in the Bay Area the pace of development should quicken. We’ve already … Continue reading

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Inaugural Run of Playpillar

Black Rock Transits inaugural run happened yesterday.  After several hours of work we were able to convince the handicap ramp to detract and the emergency brakes to release and took the bus for a test drive around the lot.  It … Continue reading

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Prototype of bus shelters go together easily

With 4 4×4’s, 3 2×6’s and a 2×4 we managed to construct a prototype of a playa bus shelter.  It has very similar dimensions to a real SF Muni bus shelter and only required a few cuts to construct.  The … Continue reading

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PlayaPillar – Initial Bus Pictures

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